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Welcome to Icon Brickell – the urban chic playground where entertainment abounds, culture comes to play, and nightlife never sleeps.  Icon Brickell is located within what Brickellites call the “30-minute live-work-play circle,” in the epicenter of Miami’s business and financial district and surrounded by parks and historic landmarks, Biscayne BayBrickell Avenue, and Miami Circle®.   Icon Brickell is just steps away from, pedestrian-friendly bustling sidewalk cafes, restaurants, night-time establishments and posh boutiques found throughout Brickell and Downtown Miami.

Rare and exceptional double-height 15ft (4. 6 m) corner 3 br, magazine quality home in philippe starck interior design luxury building..
Rare and exceptional double-height 15ft (4. 6 m) corner 3 br, magazine quality home in philippe starck interior design luxury building. Gorgeous bay/city views. Many designer upgrades incl. Ambient lighting, stone-clad walls, built-ins and electric blinds. Mbr w/ 2 walk-in closets and en-suite bathroom with spa bath, double vanities and imported tiles. Terrace accessible from lr and mbr. Garage parking on same level. Furniture negotiable. Fabulous amenities including amazing, brand new pool deck with olympic supersize pool, 28,000sf spa and gym and superb restaurants. On the bay and close to brickell city center, whole foods and all of brickell's exciting amenities. Have it all!.
Condo 5+ stories.
Community room,elevator,exercise room,heated pool,kitchen facilities,exterior lighting.

Properties For Sale in Icon Brickell.

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ID Unit Number Bldg Status #Bdr #Bthr Modified Date Sq Ft Price HOA Tax
A105956783108ICON BRICKELL IActive01.004 days598$274,0005435401
Icon brickell A10618444ICON BRICKELLActive00.005 days575$355,0006626573
A106183784608Icon Brickell Condo No 1Active01.005 days$310,0004655000
Icon brickell Unit 2310 A100325132310ICON BRICKELLActive01.0011 days546$320,0005385165
Iconbrickell condo Unit 410 A10613624410ICONBRICKELL CONDOActive01.0011 days546$258,0005383867
Icon brickell tower 1 A10576014Icon Brickell Tower 1Active01.0020 days546$320,0006013660
Icon brickell condo no 1 Unit 4608 A106071124608Icon Brickell Condo No 1Active01.0025 days$310,0004655000
Icon brickell condo 1 Unit 4210 A105974904210Icon Brickell Condo 1Active01.0035 days546$300,0005575140
Icon brickell tower one Unit 1908 A104094421908Icon brickell Tower OneActive01.0036 days$274,00004267
Iconbrickell condo Unit 410 A10418914410ICONBRICKELL CONDOActive01.0042 days546$268,0005383867
Icon brickell Unit 2508 A21942372508ICON BRICKELLActive01.0061 days598$279,0006025168
Icon brickell condo Unit 4110 A103779654110ICON BRICKELL CONDOActive01.0087 days546$310,0005665533
Icon brickell condo Unit 2408 A21683992408Icon Brickell CondoActive01.0091 days598$273,0006045275
Icon brickell Unit 1208 A21559191208ICON BRICKELLActive01.0091 days598$300,0006044728
Icon brickell tower 1 Unit 3910 A105307743910Icon Brickell Tower 1Active01.00157 days632$275,0006015423
Icon brickell Unit 2010 A104541542010ICON BRICKELLActive01.00270 days$295,0005384489
Icon brickell Unit 3510 A104342893510ICON BRICKELLPending Sale01.00189 days546$280,00000
A106203481606Icon Brickell IIActive11.001 days$370,00005537
Icon brickell condo iii Unit 3203 A105815403203ICON BRICKELL CONDO IIIActive11.001 days$435,0008780
Icon brickell condo 1 A10617459Icon Brickell Condo 1Active11.004 days940$398,0006095994
A106188794306ICON BRICKELLActive11.004 days842$465,0009975954
A106186724314ICON BRICKELL IActive11.005 days798$390,0007907820
Icon brickell Unit 5004 A105166315004ICON BRICKELLActive11.005 days$450,0006506376
Icon brickell Unit 3404 A105166413404ICON BRICKELLActive11.005 days597$399,0007506635
A106188112308ICON BRICKELL NO TWOActive11.005 days$350,0006615734
Icon brickell Unit 2314 A105654292314Icon BrickellActive11.006 days798$480,00006648
Icon brickell Unit 2612 A105977122612ICON BrickellActive11.007 days798$419,0005766300
Icon brickell t3 Unit 3606 A105249543606ICON BRICKELL T3Active11.0011 days842$455,0009826389
Icon brickell two condo Unit 2106 A104263242106ICON BRICKELL TWO CONDOActive11.0012 days732$390,0006356107
Icon brickell no two Unit 4409 A106139424409ICON BRICKELL NO TWOActive11.0012 days1035$450,0008417953
Icon brickell Unit 3101 A106133233101ICON BRICKELLActive11.0012 days$465,0007336158
Icon brickell Unit 2711 A103904102711Icon BrickellActive11.0015 days940$355,0008006641
Icon brickell Unit 4114 A106117364114Icon BrickellActive11.0016 days798$439,9008598920
Icon brickell Unit 2606 A104845022606ICON BRICKELLActive11.0016 days816$415,0008536849
Iconbrickell condo no 1 Unit 614 A10536301614ICONBRICKELL CONDO NO 1Active11.0018 days947$369,0007845669
Icon brickell one Unit 3904 A102663583904Icon Brickell OneActive11.0019 days597$424,0006107804
Icon brickell ii A10544513ICON BRICKELL IIActive11.0019 days$459,0005537433
Icon brickell condo Unit 3907 A105221453907ICON BRICKELL CONDOActive11.0019 days842$460,0009806486
Icon brickell Unit 2112 A105361792112ICON BRICKELLActive11.0021 days798$340,0008506517
Icon brickell Unit 4811 A106073374811ICON BRICKELLActive11.0024 days816$450,0007507841
Iconbrickell condo no 1 Unit 2704 A106039872704ICONBRICKELL CONDO NO 1Active11.0027 days$375,0006674220
Icon brickell Unit 4106 A106005514106ICON BRICKELLActive11.0027 days842$449,0009985896
Icon brickell condo Unit 1814 A106035681814Icon Brickell CondoActive11.0030 days798$385,0008595817
Iconbrickell condo no 1 Unit 606 A10603191606ICONBRICKELL CONDO NO 1Active11.0030 days816$349,0008535214
Iconbrickell condo no 1 Unit 1404 A106029611404ICONBRICKELL CONDO NO 1Active11.0031 days$460,0006675751
Icon brickell Unit 3512 A106010543512Icon BrickellActive11.0034 days798$420,0008596890
Icon brickell Unit 3908 A106003863908Icon BrickellActive11.0035 days$410,0004676210
Icon brickell Unit 817 A10599840817ICON BRICKELLActive11.0036 days882$489,0009396292
Icon brickell i Unit 2404 A19628522404ICON BRICKELL IActive11.0036 days597$355,0007285973
Icon brickell Unit 4209 A105978274209ICON BRICKELLActive11.0036 days$460,00007560
Icon brickell Unit 2207 A105960802207ICON BRICKELLActive11.0042 days842$424,0008505598
Icon brickell condo no 3 Unit 2611 A105929052611ICON BRICKELL CONDO NO 3Active11.0042 days876$440,0009606285
Icon brickell Unit 4107 A105934144107ICON BrickellActive11.0046 days977$434,0009805850
Icon brickell ii Unit 1606 A104234301606Icon Brickell IIActive11.0046 days$370,00005537
Icon brickell condo no 1 Unit 3114 A105919563114ICON BRICKELL CONDO NO 1Active11.0049 days798$499,0002617199
Iconbrickell condo 1 Unit 4304 A104061484304ICONBRICKELL CONDO 1Active11.0054 days597$369,00007257
Iconbrikell condo no 1 Unit 1114 A104061891114ICONBRIKELL CONDO NO 1Active11.0054 days798$450,00005959
Icon brickell Unit 2009 A104741402009Icon BrickellActive11.0059 days953$490,0009806995
Icon brickell two Unit 3709 A101409373709ICON BRICKELL TWOActive11.0060 days1035$489,0008008822
Icon brickell two Unit 4207 A101409504207ICON BRICKELL TWOActive11.0060 days984$469,0008009171
Icon brickell condo no 3 Unit 4511 A105881454511ICON BRICKELL CONDO NO 3Active11.0062 days$475,0009506618
Icon brickell Unit 2806 A105366332806Icon BrickellActive11.0071 days816$419,90006987
Icon brickell condo 1 Unit 2911 A105169912911ICON BRICKELL CONDO 1Active11.0073 days816$355,0008007586
Icon brickell Unit 2114 A105358392114Icon BrickellActive11.0074 days$350,0005756256
Icon brickell Unit 3704 A105631023704ICON BRICKELLActive11.0075 days597$399,99906836
Icon brickell Unit 809 A10518940809Icon BrickellActive11.0075 days1035$425,0009098042
Icon brickell ii Unit 2808 A105784792808Icon Brickell IIActive11.0080 days$360,0006415879
Icon brickell Unit 2106 A10272763Icon BrickellActive11.0082 days842$455,00006545
Icon brickell Unit 807 A2042124807ICON BRICKELLActive11.0083 days984$461,9008177426
Icon brickell i Unit 1611 A105551951611ICON BRICKELL IActive11.0085 days816$349,0008006201
Icon brickell Unit 4908 A105712124908Icon BrickellActive11.0097 days732$420,0006416528
Icon brickell Unit 4206 A105695694206Icon BrickellActive11.00102 days842$465,0009466584
Icon brickell one Unit 3711 A104643283711ICON BRICKELL ONEActive11.00103 days816$400,0007787642
Icon brickell tower 1 Unit 4211 A105319504211ICON BRICKELL TOWER 1Active11.00104 days816$417,0008547710
Icon brickell - w hotel Unit 2906 A105551802906ICON BRICKELL - W HOTELActive11.00104 days842$475,00006170
Iconbrickell Unit 1104 A105492971104IconbrickellActive11.00105 days597$320,0004545330
Icon brickell Unit 416 A10552906416Icon BrickellActive11.00106 days864$395,0008987305
Icon brickell tower i Unit 1004 A22005181004Icon Brickell Tower IActive11.00118 days597$399,9995665780
Icon brickell condo t1 Unit 5204 A104995585204Icon Brickell Condo T1Active11.00127 days597$360,0006507936
Icon brickell Unit 5304 A105460385304Icon BrickellActive11.00144 days597$325,0004708016
Icon brickell Unit 2506 A101558782506ICON BRICKELLActive11.00151 days842$450,0009465988
Icon brickell condo no 3 Unit 3311 A105409493311ICON BRICKELL CONDO NO 3Active11.00152 days876$432,5009956927
Icon brickell Unit 4811 A104137194811ICON BRICKELLActive11.00154 days940$423,0005219542
Iconbrickell condo Unit 4904 A104519654904ICONBRICKELL CONDOActive11.00158 days597$395,0006557419
Icon brickell Unit 704 A10342233704icon brickellActive11.00163 days597$385,0008475732
Icon brickell 3 Unit 4011 A105324264011ICON BRICKELL 3Active11.00167 days876$455,00007173
Icon brickell Unit 4406 A105259644406ICON BRICKELLActive11.00168 days1170$409,0002678193
Icon brickell tower Unit PH5704 A10523024PH5704Icon Brickell TowerActive11.00181 days597$450,0005507433
Icon brickell Unit 2907 A101387682907ICON BRICKELLActive11.00182 days984$445,0007889049
Icon brickell i Unit 4914 A104736744914ICON BRICKELL IActive11.00189 days798$500,0005980
Icon brickell Unit 5009 A102103905009Icon BrickellActive11.00217 days1035$499,00082110047
Icon brickell condo 3 Unit 3611 A104697463611ICON BRICKELL CONDO 3Active11.00218 days876$450,00010407031
Icon brickell tower 1 Unit 2006 A101899372006ICON BRICKELL TOWER 1Active11.00231 days$450,0008047221
Icon brickell Unit 416 A10155569416Icon BrickellActive11.00237 days864$429,00007860
Icon brickell Unit 4507 A104613784507ICON BRICKELLActive11.00294 days842$445,0008796683
Icon brickell Unit 2704 A103973522704Icon BrickellActive11.00332 days597$383,6007156188
Icon brickell Unit 3308 A105288733308Icon BrickellPending Sale11.0013 days732$399,0006406483
Icon brickell Unit 2608 A105725272608ICON BRICKELLPending Sale11.0020 days732$382,0006415820
Icon brickell tower 3 Unit 1609 A100846401609Icon Brickell Tower 3Pending Sale11.0044 days953$449,0009667254
Icon brickell Unit 4907 A105059984907ICON BRICKELLPending Sale11.0085 days842$450,0006706817
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